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85487724 December 4, 2002

Posted by Lee Cherry in Uncategorized.

Blog… No, It’s not an Onslaught 24/7 Black Creature with Trample (mmm…magic the gathering…).

Blog is actually short for Web Log. Blogs are used for a number of purposes — tweens use them to post their thoughts on their favorite bands and CEO’s use blogs to update employees and stockholders. Most blogs are written to spotlight the author’s interests, thoughts and to be a medium for self expression. Blogging is one of the fastest growing uses for the Internet as it makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to be “published” and to share their interests.

Setting-up a blog is very easy. Simply go to BLOGGER and walk through the set-up. You can quickly have your personal or professional blog up, running and serving as a destination on the World Wide Web.

Blogs can be stand-alone web sites or added to a larger web site as a resource.

The only down side of using BLOGGER is the lack of spell checking capability. So, I either have to learn to spell or convince my readers I meant to spell those select words wrong. HMMM… I’ll have to work on that!

So welcome to my new Blog Center and the beginning of my Almost Daily Thoughts


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