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“The Dell With It” January 9, 2003

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i’ve finally tinkered enough with the pocket pc sdk that i figured it was time to buy one of them.

i’m interested in porting over some flash stuff to use with pocket pc as well as track some mini database apps with it – anyone want to give me the money for ms sql ce license fee.

it was a battle between form factor vs. my accountant. LOL. these things are not cheap.

seriously though, it came down to audiovox maestro, viewsonic v35, toshiba e335, sony nx70v and the dell axim. then i narrowed it down to the viewsonic v35, toshiba e335 and the dell axim. then toshiba e335 and dell axim. dell won out ‘buy’ $100 – hehe. i gave into my accountant. with a coupon for 15% online web purchase and a $50 rebate – i couldn’t resist.

well, i won’t go too much into detail about all the little nuances with each of these . there are many, many websites and opinions that espouse this feature or that. one thing that won me over was what i learned in the few minutes i spent standing in the middle of the mall with dell’s version of the ‘trekky pad’. talk about looking like a geek. anyways, a lot of people have mainly complained that “it’s too big” or “it’s too heavy”. after holding it and checking out the features for a while, for me, it’s perfect. it truly isn’t that much bigger then the compaq line of crappy devices.

ultimately these things are like cars – partially up to personal taste. now i would have picked the sony (revolutionary form factor but shame on them for bastardising the memory stick line) but the palm OS isn’t as refined as I would like it to be. the uberdesign folks at apple have decided not to do a pocket “pc” so i’ll work with what is left (of course apple’s new mini-sub-nano-notebook g4 looks really promising –mini-me)

i’ll put up an update once it comes in the mail.
swish, chawurzbunk! – “kirk out”


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