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88913078 February 11, 2003

Posted by Lee Cherry in Uncategorized.

Crash Test Dummy.
I was in a car accident Thursday afternoon. Not much fun, wouldn’t recommend it to anyone… There is a rear exit coming out behind Crabtree Mall that opens up to an access road (Intersection of Haywood Banks Dr and Crabtree Valley Ave) where many accidents have occurred in the past – I even saw the aftermath of one SUV flipped upside down several weeks ago. I’ve always been cautious going through…I was at least 1/2 way if not 2/3 of the way through the intersection heading back to work from going to the bank when I was hit. Fortunately everyone is fine. I had a bruised left knee and some shoulder and back pain but with some rest and downtime it seems to have cleared it up. The other driver was fine and was immediately walking around checking things out. I had a heck of a time finding my glasses… The jacket I was wearing was stuck between the crushed car frame and the side of the seat so I had a hard time getting out… after I figured out that the drivers side door wouldn’t open I crawled through the other side. Banged up my Saturn pretty good – left passenger door behind the driver’s side, back seat, trunk… Amazing crumpling effect – From what I gather from some of the witness my car was flipped up on its side when it was hit. It spun around and landed on the other side of the road – six inches away from some parked cars, not a single scratch on them… An ambulance, two firetrucks and two police officers later it was like nothing had ever happened at that intersection. I’d like to thank those folks that called it in and the nice ladies that waited with me for the police and ambulance to arrive as well as the police officer, ems guys and the firemen for helping out and quickly clearing up the situation.


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