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91781474 April 1, 2003

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A Futurist Ahead of His Time.
If you have any likings to Syd Meade’s work then you’ll be fascinated by Art Radebaugh… He has had a varied career: Bus driver in Chicago, theater usher, clerk in a hotel. To these several jobs he brought an artistic flourish. As a bus driver, he designed handsomer vehicles for his company. He painted scenery for the theater in which he ushered. As a piece de resistance, he designed a mural for the hotel in which he clerked… By 1936, he had sufficient art and design background to start doing commercial illustration for national advertisers. After Pearl Harbor, he was commissioned into the Army and for nearly four years headed a design section. Shortly after he entered the service, there was a crying need for instrument panels which could be lighted without divulging his position to the enemy. In this exciting phase of his work, Radebaugh hit upon flourescent paints, which could be activated by black light, causing a glowing effect which did not disclose or identify the vehicle to the enemy.
Art Radebaugh Wandering the Lost Highways


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