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MBA | Team Rhinos… August 20, 2003

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I’ve been quite busy of late. Classes start up this week. They also decided to cram a 5 day workshop into 2 days so the weekend was pretty much shot. Don’t get me wrong, I learned quite a bit and had some refresher courses on writing and networking but those two days was rather exhausting. The business etiquette dinner was quite educational as well. The flash thunderstorm was rather inconvenient and I somehow lost the (expensive) name badge along the way to the event from the parking deck – found it later while retracing my steps after the evening was over. Even though everyone was dressed to the hilt in business suits I felt rather calm and casual. I believe it had to do with the notion that everyone there was probably as nervous or uncofortable as I was. It was good to get sit down and have some casual dinner conversation with my team as well as getting some background information from some of the full time students in the program. I’m not sure when we’ll get a chance to be calm and relaxed after this week.

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So big…
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