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High Tech Antique Roadshow October 14, 2003

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Midterms and high tech antiquing…
not that they have anything in common… anyways, been busy studying for midterms. wrap up next week and then it’s off to projects and papers. thrill a minute. there’s a networking (people, not computers) symposium featuring General Hugh Shelton this friday that looks very promising check it out.

other then that i managed to squeeze some time this past weekend to drop by my parents house and catch up and do some antiquing, high-tech style… not your average online auction bidding but raiding bankruptcy and business closings with vulture like ferocity.

mental fugue: back in high school i used to ‘borrow’ old army computers back on post… they’d dump out these giant machines at the landfill with built-in monitors that used 8″ floppy drives – i managed to salvage a few by combining scrap parts.

i think this is a nice new style of antiquing that PBS should spin off of Antiques Roadshow… picked up some rather oddball devices ranging from a motorola cyberTAC mobile phone cypher/scrambler module, a few mitsubishi satellite/RF phone systems, a dozen fiber optic ethernet hubs, 3 odd-ball pentium machines, some bernoulli external hard drives, an old kodak dc120 camera and enough 3.5″ floppy disk drives to hold all the original floppy disks for Microsoft Office (way back when)… among all the parts there are a few things that can be combined to form decent units. downside is offloading the stuff that we’re not going to need or use. so if you are looking for that kickin’ satellite phone to add to your fancy XUV then drop me a line. i couldnt’ find anyone selling a cyberTAC on ebay – considering it has DOD/NSA warnings about not selling it oversees due to encryption and national security issues i’m not sure if i would want to put it up there. my luck i’d get a visit from some guys in dark suits and sunglasses.


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