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106737628067268947 October 28, 2003

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weather is fitting for the wrap up of october… reminds me of rainy days in frankfurt, germany. the smell is the same. cold, crisp… hint of leaves, oak, paperwhite birch… stupid little squirrels diggin holes everywhichway… love it.

mid-terms finished. grades are back. i’m still here.
interesting to note the level, well… let me rephrase… the type of (situational) “competition” in business school seems to be similar to the type of competition back in design school. there isn’t a forum of direct competition between people, per se – it’s too early yet. there’s quite a bit of friendly banter, early adopter networking, situational cliques and a few anti-socials… but the atmosphere is eerily similar to the atmosphere back in design school. it will be curious to see how things change as competition for projects, grades or contests increases as school progress. and then there is this bizarre thing they do with grade distribution in grad school… works for me if i’m on the low end of the distribution but if i worked hard to get an A it doesn’t go up any higher – guess that’s the rub.

putting onebitpixel on hiatus until i get my project, econ paper and freelance work completed. i’ve mish mashed old code, borrowed code and some components to field some test projects. it seems i always get started on redesigns but never really get around to completing them. i guess i truly don’t find the need for it unless i’m looking for a job. (btw. kudos cara! on finding a new gig)

i had hoped the family could have visited for the state fair but other things came up and turns out – i didn’t have time for any of that anyhoot. got the bugs worked out of the DC120 camera so i should have some photos to show off, soon. speaking of family… i think i have a distant relative?


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