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107682805807889642 February 15, 2004

Posted by Lee Cherry in Uncategorized.

It’s fascinating to watch interviews of various people appearing on 60 Minutes (which is probably only 47 minutes) or Charlie Rose, who’s facial expressions and body gestures are far more entertaining to watch then Barbara Walters, as well as listening to some new, what is old is new again, sitcom actor – turned show host go through the motions of running through questions with some current celebrity… when they are really trying to meet PR’s quota for publicity/marketing of said interviewee’s current promotional tour (that was a mouthful) so what was the point, yes, interviewing… an art form in itself.

Current interview formats follow the Letterman format, host behind the desk and guest in the hot seat… standard camera angles – host, guest, host, host mug ‘o water, guest and casual pans to the audience… I think it would be a nice change of pace to do interviews in a casual setting and treat it more like lunch date – yes, literally have lunch… A show based around the concept of ordering up midday grub, if you can fit it in your schedule… and go with it, lunch paid for by the host. You have to pay for that interview somehow right? Then again, maybe you could have lunch hosted by the actual restaurant – featured lunch spot, free advertising so to speak…

So, this week who would I be interested in grabbing some lunch with… chit-chat, small talk, hitting the key questions people want answered, but more importantly what’s for lunch… http://www.christianlindholm.com If you’ve ever used a (Nokia) cell phone then you can thank him for the interface/design – both the good and the bad.


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