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107755031727050023 February 23, 2004

Posted by Lee Cherry in Uncategorized.

It’s alive…
Cell phone is working.
It is pretty frustrating to have to jump from Cingular store to store to store… each outfit is ‘purchased’ by owner/operators/third parties. In addition they are not “allowed” to carry certain services/options that Cingular corporate stores offer.

So, I ask… why isn’t there a distinct way to identify each Cingular branch store from a Cingular Corporate Office Store!? Each store looks the same, smells the same yet offers different services. I was told that they can accept payments for Cingular wireless bills but can’t look up your account information to verify the payment. Also, they can’t fix things with parts they have in stock and get reimbursed by corporate… I asked two different “owner/operators” how they go about identifying the store; one replied “we don’t, it’s how we keep traffic going” the other stated “each store can place a sign that states they are independantly operated… but few do that and if they do it’s often a xeroxed sheet of paper taped to the window…” Oddly enough, one owner was so enamored with the store she proceeded to tell her rags to riches story and stated that she did so well at Corporate as an admin. they allowed her to buy her own division – huh?

Maybe I’m daft but couldn’t there be a simple option of redeveloping their logo specs to indicate a Cingular Corporate store from a independant/branch store that offers different services. Nothing frustrates me more then walking into a store and then having told that I need to go to another store to get what I need done. Thought this wireless stuff was suppose to save me time and get things done quicker!?

And where is my Cingular Cell Phone Rebate!? 4 – 6 weeks, whatever!!


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