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Artist’s Obscurity August 11, 2004

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Artist’s Obscurit

My father recently dropped off an etching from Paris Etching Society that he picked up at an estate auction. He wanted to see if I could dig up more information about this etching online. I figured I could “google” the painter and get something – no luck at all… it appears this painter never did another painting/etching again and Paris Etching Society brings up too many random/old links. I’m still hunting though.Paris Etching Society

Anyways, It’s an interesting etching by Louis Raymond.
Titled: “The Pond”, Number 114, No date is given but from what I gather most of these were done in the late 30’s, Paris Etching Society NY, USA, Distributed by Turner (NY, Chicago, LA).

The Pond

The etching is pretty similar to others done by PES, it contains mostly hues of greens, browns and blues… a small dirt path, lined with trees on the right with a small pond to the lower right – just to the side of the trees. In the background is a nice backdrop of blue sky and white clouds and the roof of a house just over the hill. Just around the bend is a small picket fence.

It appears to be original work with original frame and backing. If you’re interested in a JPG snapshot drop me a line – if you have any more information on this etching or the painter send me a note…


1. Kathy - November 21, 2006

I have recently come across another etching by Louis Raymond titled Autumn Morning #113. I’m certain it is from the 1930’s as it is a family item, most of which came from those years. Similar colors to #114 on this web site. Pic is of a stream with water wheel. The water wheel building has a cotswold style roof and there is a bridge across the stream. I am fairly certain it was purchased from a store in Denver called Daniel’s and Fisher’s as my great aunt and great uncle both worked there and purchased many home furnishings. The original sticker is on the back indicating Genuine Etching distributed by Turner New York, CHICAGO Los Angeles. It is in the original gold frame. Unfortunately, the glass has been broken, fortunately, no damage to the picture.

2. cindy - January 22, 2007

I have the same one, “The Pond” no. 62. I was looking for info on this also. Email me & I’ll let you know what I find out. Thanks, Cindy

3. Patti White - March 10, 2007

I also found the same etching titled Autumn Morning #113 while going through my late parents home. I believe it belonged to my father’s great aunts. We have had it in our family home for at least 50 years and I believe this piece would have been purchased in the New York area. It also has the original sticker on the back indicating Genuine Etching distributed by Turner New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. It also has a circle on the sticker with the letters SLL in it. I don’t know what this means as I am not an expert on art. Could there be two orgiginals of the same painting? Ours is also in its original gold frame. Please let me know if you found out anything else about your etchings. Thanks, Patti

4. Steve Emerson - April 6, 2007

My Mother received the same painting for a wedding present in 1946. Hers is #114 signed in the lower left. It also has a mark that is a circle with slz or sl2 not sure. There is also another mark looks like it says Lamarr in the lower right. If you have any information on this would you please letr me know. Thank-you in advance, Steve

5. Lindsey Walden - April 24, 2007

I also have two of the same paintings with the same markings. How you found out any information about them?

6. Kimberly Freed - May 3, 2007

I have 3 of these such etchings. 2 are signed in the right hand corner with Paul Granville the 3rd has a different signiture (unreadble). I have 1 Granville marked with #3 on the back. Same colors and style on all three.

One is a pond scene with a house on the left. One is a pasture with a brown fence with a house in the back right. The third is a house on the left with what appears to be castle/barn in the very far distance on the left.

All three have the circle with an “S” and some other letters. All three have a different capital letter in the lower left side right below the end of the picture.

All three have “Made in France” stamped on the back.

We found them in my mothers house in a drawer un-framed. She was close to the Jersey/NY border in NE PA.

7. V Taylor - June 7, 2007

I have nine of the etchings done by Sidney Z Lucas, who had a shop in Ney York named after his mother Camilla Lucas. In fact one of my prints does not have Paris Etching Society, it has Camilla Lucas. Sidney apparently went to France in the late 1030’s and early 40’s and commissioned different artists to do these prints, which he brought back to the sttes and sold from his shop. I have acquired some of these prints very cheaply, however some of them may be worth more, I have seen ads on the internet which are several hundred dollars, however I have decided to keep mine, because I love them and I want to collect them since some are available low prices.

8. Sharley McMullen - June 18, 2007

I have 2 – one is signed by Paul Granville the other has Martinet in lower right corner, on back it says Original Etching by Paul Granville It’s titled
“Near the Mill”. The Granville signed one is “The Beauce near Orleans”.
Both seem to have been done by the same artist. Pond scene, house is larger in one than the other, both have a very distintive tree in the foreground. They both have a seal that says geniune etching and on the label it says Paris Etching Society distributed by Turner. I brought them home from Fla but think they were purchased in the Los Angeles area.

9. jen c - August 29, 2007

i have one signed by louis raymond, it’s a cottage house. i picked it up at an antique store for $25.00 and i think it’s beautiful. i would, however, like more info about the artist, and a possible value.

10. Sue Martin - October 1, 2007

Today I purchased 2 that say Genuine Etching by Pierre entitled “The Country Lane” and “Beautiful Countryside” . They too are from the Paris Etching Society distributed by Turner and have the trademark of SLL in a circle.

Anyone have a clue as to the actual value of these things???

Lisa - January 31, 2011

Did you ever get a value on your Country Lane etching? I found one in a thrift store and am wanting to know it’s value, if any.

11. Jane Wolski - October 4, 2007

I am trying to find information on a pencil drawing a have that
doesn’t have a name. It is 2 “tall ships” small version…
copyright1838 Camilla Lucas, NY -USA, triangle S.76 on the left,
on the right of the pic just below it there is a pencil drawying of a
pirate/man and then the artists name. B. Meall or it could be
B. Mcaill. IF anyone has seen or knows anything about this
picture I would appreciate hearing from you.


12. Jane Wolski - October 5, 2007

Sorry, correction on the above the triangle does read SZL and the
name of the picture is Noilius Hoollandais. In my entire search today
I have not seen another copyright of 1838. I can’t find anything on
Camilla as to when she started her gallery, only that her son
operated in later years. Does anyone out there know anything about
her gallery? I find it strange that my co date is that much older than
everyone elses….

13. Fran Pierce - October 23, 2007

It appears that there are many of us who have rescued these prints at various times and from various places!
I have a beautiful old etching, in tones of brown, rose, blue and green, in what appears to be an original gold frame.
The markings are:
Titled: La Dive
Artist signature – original in pencil: DeFontaine
Subject: An old cottage, stone footbridge, and small waterfall
(which, I believe is “la dive?”)
Triangle stamp with the letters SZL just above the title in lower
left-hand corner
Top right, printed: Copyright 1935 Camilla Lucas-NY-USA
Jane- I believe that your copyright is really 1938 – perhaps it is smudged? There is a good deal of information on Google about the Camilla Lucas gallery – it was only in existence from 1928 through 1954, I believe.
Any other info on these “Camilla Lucas” gallery prints would be greatly appreciated!

Janice Curulla - October 25, 2009

Did you ever find out about this print, because I also have an original etched De Fontaine Print stamped “Made in Paris” on the backside in some sort of ink stamp on right hand corner. You can definately feel that mine was not a copy but a real etched painting. Cobble stones tree with stone arbor to left, three cottages in the background, and a Building upfront on the right with awhat appears to be a barrell and a pulley and a green door. Very beautiful. Are original Fontaines worh anything?

Deborah - February 16, 2010

Are you still checking this site with questions about Camilla Lucas prints? I have one that my mother got in a box at an auction. I loved it so she gave it to me. It is in a thin gold frame that I believe is the original. In the top right corner is “Copyright 1937 Camilla Lucas NY USA.” In the bottom left corner is the triangle with an S and two other letters I can’t quite make out – it looks like two L’s. The signature on the bottom left is Les bicoques and the one on the right is Pierre. The scene is of a country cottage on the right, beside a river or pond, and a large tree on the left. In the distance is a bridge over the river. Colors are green, a brick red, browns, and pale blue. The picture colors are muted. If you have any information, I would certainly like to learn more.

Greg - December 30, 2010

I have two pieces signed by the Artist Pierre and copyright by Camilla Lucas 1936 one is named Le Petite Chemin the other Premiere Rayons. Did you happen to find out anything about the artist? I bought them at an antique sale in Edmonton Alberta around 1985. They also had the markings and frames you describe although I have since had them reframed.

14. suzanne - October 26, 2007

I too have purchased etching titled Fur Du Liese SZL or SL2 not sure on left hand corner. Signed I believe by Martin.
Copyright Paris Etching Society NY USA
I just love the picture, however I am more interested in the Paris Etching Society when, where, how started, more about the society and the history of the society? I will continue to collect these lovely etchings.

Dana - September 14, 2009

I came across your blog about the Prints from Paris Etching Society and how you would like to keep collected them!

I do have a few different etchings if you would still be interested in purchasnig them!

Email me if you would like any further information about this prints!

Thasks! Dana


15. Sue Miller - October 26, 2007

I have a genuine etching by Paul Granville titled “Near the Mill”
it is signed in the lower right corner. This was Paris Etching Society distributed by Turner. Please send any information regarding the value of this piece. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Dana - September 14, 2009

hey yes i was wondering if you were ever able to come across the pricings of this prints

please get back to me it would be greatly appreciated!!


16. Mrs. L. Petrocelli - October 28, 2007

I purchased one today at an estate sale. Mine is pencil signed on bottom right by Louis Raymond, and pencilled “Matines’ d’ automne” (or close to that) on botom left. It is numbered 113 and has SZL encircled. Also says Paris Etching Society, NY, USA on upper right. It is a mint condition picture (of house and bridge over water and dock, with trees and bushes) matted under glass. Any idea about the value? I’d like to hear from anyone! Thanks!

17. Kristen - December 9, 2007

I purchased one with “coyright Camilla Lucas 1936 NYC USA” on the top right of an oval print of a man in the foreground and a woman in a hoop-skirted dress facing him in a coquette-ish pose. Predominant colors are also gold, blue, and brown. At the bottom in pencil is “The Rendevous” next the SZL stamp and what appears to be the artist’s name “Moro.” I have not removed it from the oval frame and matting so I don’t know if there may be additional markings on the back.
This is the best thread of postings I have found re Camilla Lucas prints so I wanted to share my information as well.

18. Sean Cole - December 18, 2007

I have a Paul Granville entitled “Banks of the Eure”
Paris Etching Society Distributed by Borin Art Products Corp.
Chicago.This etching was a gift to me in 1962 from my god mothers family. It hung in there Detroit home for over 30 years. It is very beautiful and has all its marks and is signed in pencil. I would also be happy to know about the artist.
Maybe we could do a show on line?

19. suzanne lacroix - December 20, 2007

i have a etching by cales with the sll seal called sur la rive.it is for sale please help with any info. thank you

20. suzanne lacroix - December 20, 2007

i sent an info for a sketch print .on it was a misprint.calex was the name of the artist for sur la rive

21. Sean Cole - January 1, 2008

I just found a gallery in Bocoa Raton Fl. called Picasso Mio.
They have 4 Paul Granville etching for sale one is the “Banks of the Eure” There’s is listed as untitled.It looks in fine shape in the Photo.

22. missy - January 18, 2008

I have 2 original Camilla Lucas prints in the original gold frame never been opened. NY city. I have “The mayor went hunting” and Adventures of a Fisherman 3. Does anyone have any info on the dates of these prints and the value. These belonged to my great-grandfather.

maeh1 - January 18, 2011

I have the same two prints, did you find out anything about these prints. The two prints that I have were framed by Habour-Longmire Compant Art Galleries in Oklahoma City, Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

23. kathy buckenmeyer - February 3, 2008

I have 2 prints by Pierre with SLL on the bottom left along with another word penciled. It has a number by the SLL symbol and at the top the paris etching society. How can I find the valeu of these 2 prints? What is SLL?

24. Lee Cherry - February 4, 2008

The only reference I can find to fine art and SLL is the Socialist Labor League, which fits the era in which most of these paintings were created but may not be the source. SSL has also been referenced in auctions terms for specific paintings however I have no other references as to what it stands for or why those paintings were marked SSL.

Fine art appraiser Sara Kinch states that these paintings usually may reveal initials “SZL” or “Camilla Lucas” written somewhere on the artwork.

SZL is a reference to Sidney Z. Lucas who was the founder of the Paris Etching Society, Camilla Lucas was his mother and art gallery owner. Lucas commissioned etchings by contemporary French artists which he then published through the Paris Etching Society. The Paris Etching Society was located in New York City. The artist would sign his or her name on the etching, usually in pencil. The title of the artwork may also be added by the artist and this too would be written in pencil. The value for the etchings depends upon the notability of the particular artist who created the artwork. Although some etchings looked like watercolor they were in fact aquatint.

25. S. Orlando - February 5, 2008

I have a PES etching by De Fontaine called the Old Tower. It is numbered #1. Is a lower number more valuable? My grandfather was an artist in New York in the 1920’s and I believe this was a wedding gift from a friend. It is in excellent condition with original markings, glass and frame. Thanks for any info

Janice Curulla - October 25, 2009

Can you ever tell me what you found out about this painting, as I also have a De Fontaine tower picture. Any information you could give me would be helpful.

sharon - November 7, 2009

I found and purchased an etching by De Fontaine called the Old Tower today. It also is numbered #1. I was looking for more info on here. Were you ever able to find more info? Thanks…

26. Kathy - February 10, 2008

I have an etching signed by R. Barnaix, which I believes translates to The End of the Village, (La Fin Du Hamean). Does anyone know how old this is and if it has any worth? Thank you.

27. Linda - March 7, 2008

I,too, have the same etching and I’m wondering the same! It belonged to my grandmother. It’s a scene of a thatched-roof house. In the foreground are a fence, dirt path and a tree. If you have any new info, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

28. Suzanne Garrett - March 12, 2008

I also have an etching by Paul Granville that I recently found behind a print that I had reframed. It sounds like the one described by Kimberly Freed that has a small house on the left with a castle or barn in the distance also on the left. a path leads from the house to the foreground on the right where tall grasses and trees are located. The etching is also marked Paris Etching Society NY USA in the upper left corner and SZL in the lower left corner. Also in the lower left in pencil is something written in French, possible l’ovneau, but I cannot be sure of this. Can you tell me anything about the artist or the Paris Etching Society?

29. MJ - March 13, 2008


30. P Hanks - April 9, 2008

Could you pls help me with history, age, value of a colored Lithograph (approv 5″x7″) I’ve recently acquired?
The Lithograph is of a pretty young lady, with pinkish flowers in her short/braided hair. She’s wearing a pint (with some white) bow on her neck. Dress front is make of large pink bows – dress shoulders & sleeves are bluish with pinkish flowers between 3-4 “hash” marks. Lady is holding bouqet of springlike white and pink flowers on her Left arm – larger pink bow/flower(?) on Right arm.
The Litho has the following (small lettering across bottom of print): “Madame Pompadour NO B 163 f Boucher litho in USA” Just above the litho in USA wording is a (small) greenish/golden circle with a S L above a curvy L inside the circle. (SLL?)
Young lady is slightly younger and prettier (and more upright) than Boucher’s original version of Madame Pompadour I’ve seen on Internet. That Madame Pompadour is actually reclining, as I understand from my research.
The Litho is framed in greenish/goldish wooden frame with red trimline. Back of frame has paper cover glued on – with a sticker that says “Picture Lines of Distinction Genuine Artograph Trade Mark Artograph Co. Brooklyn NY” I can’t find any (Litho/artist related) contact info for the Artograph Co in Brooklyn NY.
Any assistance will be appreciated. Thx!

31. P Hanks - April 9, 2008

UNBELIEVABLE!! I search without any result – then try one more time, and find a match of sorts. It’s the same young lady I found just now on a Lamp recently listed on eBay.com.
My search terms were: Boucher Pompadour Lamp
PLS NOTE: mine is a LITHO – not a Lamp. Not trying to sell the Litho – just trying to determine history and value of this Litho.
Thx again!

Dana - September 14, 2009

Any luck on finding the value?

pls email me!!

32. Paige - April 12, 2008

I have an etching by Mauice Toundary(hard to read, might have mistaked letters) It is called Route on Automme-France. Any additional information would be great. The picture is a rainy road with trees on both sides with a small house on right.

33. Jane - May 20, 2008

I have an etching by R. Barnaix. It is “A Little Hamlet in France”.
Anyone have any info, yet?????

34. becky foster - June 21, 2008

i too have a etching from the paris etching society. It is Le castle by Mannett or Monett. As with others it has szl in a circle next to an A in the bottem left. and the artist on the right. It is signed in pencil. It is a stone bridge, pond. landscape and a castle tourett. What should I tell my children about this piece.

35. Lee Cherry - June 24, 2008

From Christian, our feeble Babel Fish translation from French to English:

Hello. All and all I have a Camilla Lucas has to sell with framework D origin of 1936 the subject a pond 2 houses thatched roof on the left large and beautiful tree in foreground on the right in top on the left copi. .Camilla Lucas1936 NY. The USA in bottom a triangle with letters SCL to on the left make an offer to me or requires photographs – christianquehen@gmail.com

Original text:

bonjour à toutes et tous j ai un camilla lucas à vendre avec cadre d origine de 1936 le sujet un etang 2 maisons toit de chaume à gauche un grand et bel arbre en premier plan à droite en haut à gauche copi..camilla lucas 1936 NY .USA en bas à gauche un triangle avec les lettres SCL me faire une offre ou demande de photos –

36. Jim - June 30, 2008

I was gojng through so prints I picked up a sale about 20 years ago and found one by the PES painted by De Fountaine. It is number 101 and the titles best I can tell is “Le Cour dhu Punis”. It is in rich colors showing a street with an arch connecting a covered porch to another building.

Janice Curulla - October 25, 2009

I also have a painting by De Fontaine called Le our dhu Punis, or Pinos and the number 101 then the circle SZL ton the lower left hand corner and the artists name to the right . On the top right copyright circle, and Paris Etching Society NY USA and on the back faintly at the lower left hand corner, says Made in France in what looks like a black stamp. Have you found anything on this?

37. Chris Helgerson - July 13, 2008

My fiend broughtan old “painting” which we soon discovered is actually an etching by artist R Barnaix, titled ” Croisie des Chemins” translated means ” Gouverneurs Path” thats the best we could do. Do you have any knowledge of the artist? I found a site for the “Paris Etching Society of NY U.S.A.” but couldn’t find any info on this work or artist. Thankyou

38. Jane Kerrigan - July 16, 2008

i have a picture with R barnaix signature and paris etching society newyorkusa on it and also La fin du Hamera. Can you tell me how old it is and what’s it value??? Also, a #9 next to lettering: SZ
in a circle

39. Karen - July 27, 2008

I have an etching titled Eetarmcre en foret (in lower left hand corner) Pierre in lower right hand corner. Copyright 1937 Camilla Lucas nyusa in upper right hand corner Any informaton re this would be greatly apprectiated. Thank-you

I also have an etching titled Daus la vallee (in lower left hand corner) Raffray in lower right hand corner. Copyright 1936 Camilla Lucas nyusa in upper right hand corner Any informaton re this would be greatly apprectiated. Thank-you

Can you help me with their worth?

Rob Haltom - August 25, 2010

Hi Karen,

I have read an entry, #39 July 27, 2008 relative to an etching titled Daus la Vallee by Raffray. Could that be Dans la Vallee”? I beleive that is what my etching says which would translate, “in the Valley”.

I am curious, did you find more on this etching? It is my absolute favorite little etching and I would love to know more about it and it’s artist. Did you find any comparative valuation on it?? Thanks!

40. alexis cuozzo - July 29, 2008

Hi I have 2 prints (lithos, It think) That have Camilla Lucas, NY 1935 on upper left. The name of the prints are “Le Canal” and “Le Twits due Chemin” both by artist Alex? (the A could be a “U”). Do you know what the value of these could be?

41. SUZANNE LACROIX - August 11, 2008


42. SHEILA - August 18, 2008


43. TK - August 23, 2008

We have the same R. Barnaix ” Croisie des Chemins” painting which was purchased by my husband’s grandmother many years ago. We have not be able to find out anything about the artist either.

44. grammy 41 - September 4, 2008

I have 10 Genuine Color Etchings,copyrite1949,by Sidney Z. Lucas New York,N.Y. U.S.A.,

45. grammy 41 - September 4, 2008

add togrammy41message. I would like to knowif they are of any value,they arebeautiful. Thank You!

46. Janet D. - September 5, 2008

I have the Route on Automme France also, same as Paige, #32 above, I’d like more information too. I love that picture. Any background, or value, or additional pieces by same person, or sale value, all interests me. Mine has the triangle letters in the upper left, and signed, hard to read, in pencil, very old frame, SZL and a 7 upper left corner, and belonged to my grandmother too. By Paris Etching Society, NY USA. Thank you. atashanee@aol.com —Janet.

47. Mary-Anne Griffin - October 1, 2008

Mary-Anne September 30, 2008
We have an etching, aquatint, of a path leading by a rough brown fence to a lovely thatched cottage, with a rough barked tree to the right and beyond. The signature seems to say R. Barnaise. i have read some descriptions of prints that sound similar but I really can’t see an x in the signature, ( Barnaix). The signature is in perfect shape. There is a print mark at the left that has an SZ at the top and an L at the bottom of a circle with a 9 to the left. At the top right of the border it says”Paris Etching Society NY-USA-” with a C inside a small circle to the left. I would love to know more about where this print came from.

Sandy Cranmer - June 28, 2009

Dear Mary-Anne Griffin.
Your description of the circle with the “SZ and L” is exactly like mine! I have a title of “La Valler” or “La Valle(r,y or n” …. and the artist’s name ir a capital “R” followed by what appears to be “Barnaux” or “Barn – then the letter is large and appears to be an “a” then the remainder of the name is difficult, but looks like “u” with an “X” that is barely crossed. The last letter is difficult to read. It could be that an “x” was crossed early so that the actual letter looks almost like a slash. I have an entry at this site, posted June 28th, where I saw your messaage.
Have you found out anything about the Paris Etching Society in NY USA? Or about the artist?
I surely am curious. My father was an antique collector – not art, but this was on his wall and he traded it from an old lady who wanted something other than art from him! He was nice in that way. Curious, huh!
Sandy Cranmer hot_dog@bellsouth.net

48. Harreit - December 16, 2008

I too have come across 3 aquatints of tall ships with what appears to be signature of B.Meall and a drawing of captains(heads) above artist’s
signature also with SLZ—-they are very well done. Would like to contact Jane Wolski re: posting.

49. Elizabeth A. Binelli - December 31, 2008

I have a piece of art, signed etching by R. Barnaix called
“A Hamlet in France” from the Paris Etching Society.
How old is it? Is it worth anything and should in have it insured? The print itself is 23”x17 1/2” Any information is appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!

Tim - September 5, 2009

Hello, have you heard back regarding the R. Barnaix, “A Hamlet in France”. I have one too.

50. agneslavallee - January 26, 2009

i have r.barnaix à la croisée des chemins ,left corn slz,number 10

51. shirley - February 18, 2009

I have an Pierre etching The Yonne river at Nivernaise, France. does anyone know value of picture or year. does anyone have something similar to it. any info will be great thanks shirley sam.maple@hotmail.com

52. Karen Roos - February 24, 2009

I too have “A Hamlet In France.” Mine has #10 on it from the Paris Etching Society distributed by Turner. Any ballpark idea of value?

53. Kathy C. - March 15, 2009

I have “a Hamlet in France” also — It’s one of my favorite pieces. I purchased it at an estate auction about 15 years ago and only paid about $15 framed.

54. WALTER FOLTZ - March 15, 2009


55. PAT DANIELSON - March 28, 2009


Martin Fosse - November 27, 2009

I have an etching titled “The Short Cut” by Pierre ( signed lower right corner). numbered 104 lower left with what looks like SZL in a circle. It is in the original frame and mat, the frame is not in great shape, but the etching and mat are not damaged. Wha do you know about this item?

56. J & C - April 18, 2009

We have an untitled work with the notation Camille Lucas 1933 NYC -USA in the upper right hand corner and signed in pencil by the artist on the bottom right. The signature appears to be “de Beauvais” and it is signed in pencil and underlined. The number “521” or “52/” or “54” is penciled in lower left corner, below the triangle with SLZ. I haven’t seen this artist in the thread. The scene is of a canal running through a town, buildings on both sides with some orange roofs and a bridge over the canal. Does anyone know anything about this?

57. Louise Garneau - April 19, 2009

I have a print R Barnaix – thatched cottages – unable read title but looks like Le Chalard .. (ffte sienne) very hard to read as done in pencil and very feint. top left hand corner copyright 1957 camilla lucas ny-usa. Can anyone tell me what the title is? This picture was in a home purchased by my aunt in 1960.

58. Linda D. - May 3, 2009

I have the same picture as Kristen who posted on #17.
The Rendezvous 1936 Moro
Does anyone know where to find the value of these pictures?

59. Mark Yeats - May 19, 2009

I have a 14×17 (trimmed) etch or litho copyrighted by Sidney Lucas and the artist is V or J Adams.The subject is a very early stagecoach with drivers actually on the horses.I need mor info on the artist.

60. JERRY SIMPSON - May 19, 2009


61. Gary Harper - May 23, 2009

The one I got from the flea market today has “Louis Ramet” in the lower right. Title lower left is “Le Morin”? Can’t make it out. Usual green/brown/blue/black outline colors. Almost looks hand-tinted? Deeply inpressed in the paper, rounded corners to impression. “Paris Etching Society NY-USA-” (with Copyright symbol) upper right. A dark green “J” extreme lower left. A dark green “SLZ” in circle to right of it, title to right of circle.

Dam in blue/green (below dam — brown above) stream, lower right. Bare poplars on bank, higher brown bank/green woods behind, to right. Brown stone wall/path lower right to lower center, curves to the right, shaded close/in sun farther away. Just below center, distant cottage before green trees, right/5 poplars center on bank. Low brown mountains beyond. From along right edge out to center, tree/branches/some clumps of green leaves/brown fall leaves mostly gone on most branches. Green ate/door in brown bank, extreme lower right. Typical mat for 40’s to 50’s, class ripply, no bubbles, thin gold frame.

Anyone know anything about this one? Values seem to be $20.00 to hundreds for these “prints”. Allegedly signed / titled by the artists, commissioned in France, sold in US. Value dependent upon rarity, condition, presence of backing paper (mine is gone) with title label, and importance of the artist. Numbers appear to be important, but mine has the letter J instead of a number. There are several links to the artist/company if you search combinations of Jules Louis Rame[t].

This company printed over 9 million etchings/lithographs/woodblocks/prints from the 30’s to the 60’s. His daughter is in Denver, has a gallery, still handles Dali prints like her father did. Search Paris Etching Society for her.

Never heard of this company or artist before today. Really is a striking work.


nancy white - August 11, 2010

Hi gary (also my bro’s name:-))
finally got around to looking up info on etching inherited from parents in 2006. Mine has the backing paper on it and the label on the bask lists the title as “The Morin near Paris” Borin Art Products Chicago. there is also a red/white label #575
18″ x 23″ It was a gift to my father from his co workers in the 50’s. You did a great job describing MY picture and all the marking on the front. I’ve run into one other person on “ask me help desk” 8-2007 pam tye honolulu HI (her label said distributed by turner) I haven’t found out anything more but I’ve always like the picture.

62. Loris VanderVelde - May 25, 2009

I have an ethcing called Plaine a Chartes by Phillipe. It belonged to my Mother in law, who was from Europe.
Does this have any value?

63. Ayala - June 6, 2009


I have found also an etching by Philippe ” near to chambord” from
Camilla lucas gallery 1937.Any idea of value?

64. Penny Berger - June 25, 2009

I just found one under another painting. It is a cobble street with brick or stone buildings that have a chimney that goes up in steps to a point with a red roof, from 1930 that says on the left pig or q with 3 or 4 other letters – second word is jaune – I can’t make out the signature but it looks like it ends in ppy or ffy

65. Sandy Cranmer - June 28, 2009

I have an etching titled “La Valley” or “La Valler”, in pencil on the lower left hand corner. Also in the left hand corner, before the title, is a circle with “SLZ”, I think, and at the very far left “A1”. The artist signature is also in pencil in the lower right hand corner – “R Barnaix”. In the upper right hand corner, in blue ink, in cursif, is “Paris Etching Society N Y USA followed by a large period (.) This etching is in a guilded frame, and I have not removed it to look at the back because it is framed with old, rusty nails. Can anyone help me with this Etching Society or info on the etching or the artist? Is it of any value and how could I find more about it?

jim - July 23, 2009

I have the same as 65. Just purchased it, and would like to know more.

66. CAROL - July 1, 2009

It seems there were alot of these etchings done with very similar scenes. I have two Paul Granvilles. They both have the sydney z lucas stamp and also say Paris Etching Society NY USA. One of my etchings shows two small buildings sitting near a dirt road running along a river. The other has a large tree in the foreground, a small thatched roof house and a arched stone bridge over a pond. Does anyone have any info about these?

67. Richard - August 16, 2009

We have a very nice copy of a print signed by Paul Granville the name is in pencil on the left side and I think it is Le Ormeau some of the letters are hard to make out. The print is 18-7/8 ” x 12-11/16″ with an image size of 16-7/8″ x 11-13/16″. I found the3 following information on Google about the Paris Etching Society. In 1928, Hungarian born Sidney Zoltan Lucas founded “Camilla Lucas,” a wholesale art publishing house and retail art gallery. Dealing in reproductions of antique, modern and contemporary prints. Starting in the 1930’s and continuing into the 1950’s Lucas traveled to Europe and contracted with French and Flemish artists to publish their work under the banner of the “Paris Etching Society” Pieces published by Lucas are marked with a triangle or circle with Lucas’ initials inside and sometimes “PES”. Most of Lucas’ aquatints had a press run of 300 to 350. Each aquatint is signed and titled in pencil by the artist. A search under Paris Etching Society NY in Google will bring up several listings and photographs of works by various artists.

68. randall power - September 5, 2009

i to have one, groisee des chemins, looks lile r. baruay but could be barnaix r listed by others , number 10 in left corner and slz in circle. picture is of a road running threw town , staircase on right leads up to elvated stone houses with straw roofs, left side balanced with another stone house but part of a wood gate is visable,grandmother owned it.like to know age

69. Skip - November 3, 2009

I have one by Phillipe (signed in pencil on the lower right ) entitled “The Green quay” (written in pencil in French on the lower left-hand corner), with the triangle containing SLZ to the left. Top right has ‘copyright Camilla Lucas 1936 N.Y.C. U.S.A.’ (Its funny- the N looks backward). The colors are mostly sepia shades with greens and burnt orange. The gilt-wood frame may be original. There is most of an identifying sticker on the back that says ‘Original etching by’ and ‘Title’ by ‘Phillipe’ and ‘The green Quay’- both typed in-, then a statement saying “Etchings carrying this label are Genuine Original French Etchings Imported from Paris. The Artist placed on this Etching the Triangle Trade Mark enclosing the letters SLZ as a Special Identification. An Etching is only genuine Original when made entirely by hand, and no mechanical process is used.” There is the SLZ in the triangle on the bottom,and the number ‘9’ typed on the top of the sticker. Some of the lower left corner and the bottom of the sticker has been torn away, so I don’t know if there was anything else on it. A beautiful piece, it shows a row of houses/apartments of different sizes and shapes and a tower in the distance on the left of the quay, with a walking bridge in the right center, and a stone border on the right between a path and the quay. I purchased this in a collectors store in Portland, Or. for $20. Any info?

70. Mary kemp - November 13, 2009

Through my research on Ancestry I have found that Sidney Z Lucas had a sister called Camille. His mother was Cornelia.

71. Neil - November 22, 2009

HI I have Two Etchings from Camilla Lucas 1933, both appear to be the same VIllage in Belgium. One is titled “Village in Belgium” the other “Beguinage” both signed in original frame by Brunet.

72. Pat Franklin - January 16, 2010

I have an original etching signed by Martin called “The Path” #12

Copyright – The Paris Etching Society NY USA distributed by Turner.

I would like to know more about this etching, the artist and if there is some value.

73. linda @ john bartolotta - February 11, 2010

i have four etchings,two of them are 11×14 in the original frame ,on one of them on the left side says LaPaupe,one smaller 5×7 says La Village,one 5×7 says Hornay,one 11×14 says L yevette..they have been in my family for well over 66 years

74. ken keuper - February 19, 2010

I have a coloured lithograph in a gold leaf frame with original matting.
It is named La fin du hameau “The Hamlet” signed by R Barnaix and dated – copywrigh 1936 Camilla Lucas, NY. USA. There is a small triangle to the left of the picture name in the bottom left corner that contains S X L

75. James F Eisenring - July 30, 2010

I have a Sidney Z Lucas print C1957 intitled Vechuta degl’ Avanzi del Tempio di Castore e Polluce villa—– Citta’ di Cora I have had this hanging on my wall for about 15 years. I was wondering if anyone had any information on it or it’s value. Their is another inscription Rossini dis- inc.. If naybody has any info please e-mail me.
Thank you very much

76. Frank M. Pressly - August 9, 2010

|August 9, 2010
I have an original etching,(color), copyright 1937, Camilla Lucas-NY-USA, which is titled Ve petit chemin, “The Short Cut”, Pierre which has a sticker on the back side that says ORIGINAL ETCHING. in the lower left hand corner it has the letters SZL within a triangle.

The sticker on the rear reads,”Etchings carring this label are Genuine Original French Etchings Imported from Paris. The Artist placed on this Etching the The Triangle Trade Mark enclosing the lettersSZLas a Special Identification.
AnEtching is only Genuine when made entirely by hand and no mechanical process is used.”

Anyone got any ideas on the value of this Etching?
Frank M. Pressly

77. Sandi Konrath - August 17, 2010

I have an etching titled “The Manor” by Pierre, No 211. The sticker is still on the back of the picture with all the information regarding the etching fron the Paris Etching Society. It is in the original frame and was won by my grandparents for being the best couple of the “Jolly 60 Club”, on Nov. 24, 1941. (all this is noted on the back of the etching) I had no idea how many of these etchings were produced. I have always loved this picture; when it was in my grandparents home, my parents home and now mine.

78. Julie Holterman - October 16, 2010

I too have a picture like Janice Carulla of De Fontain Building with an arch! Any value on these?

79. Marcia Snover - November 16, 2010

I just found in a old home a little girl .I saw her again in a magazine ,she was painted by a artist name Diego Velazques is this worth anything

80. bill grimes - November 19, 2010

I too have a 10″ X 14″ etching by Pierre entitled Premiers rayons ( or something close). Delightful pond or river scene with huge tree in foreground and cottage on the water directly behing tree. Looks like 103 bottom left indicating quite a few prints made. Value?

81. Karla Fisher - December 10, 2010

I have an etching that was my Grand-Mother’s, the lady that gave it to her dated it Dec. 25, 1937. It is titled Morning Near Paris by Louis Ramet. Also Paris Etching Society. Can anyone give me insight on the worth of this etching.

82. mpl - January 20, 2011

I have a large etching with the pencil signature of “R. Barnaux” at the bottom at 1936 Camilla Lucas at the top and the triangle with SXL at the bottom. The title of the pring is “Crousee des Chamius”. It looks similar in color to the etching at the top of this post. My picture is of a street going through a very old village. It was found in several years ago in a relatives home and he acquired it from an aunt before that. It also has the original frame and matting.

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