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NCSU Value Innovation Survey October 15, 2004

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NCSU Value Innovation Survey

Some of the partner organizations that work with the College’s
Center for Innovation Studies (CIMS) have initiated work to look
at the underlying “managing people” levers that can lead to
innovation inside an organization. Research literature was used to
develop this survey, but now it needs the people factor…

Interesting enough a lot of these questions looks and feel like questions that were developed for a retention analysis I did last year for a big RTP telecom firm which you may have participated in. However, in this case, it’s being applied for something entirely different…

A “baseline” needs to be established by having a fairly large sample of
people who are currently working or who have worked in the last
two years, from a number of types of organizations.

All you need to do is go to this url:

Read the instructions, then fill out the on-line survey. There are
only 33 questions, so it should not take you long — maybe 5-10
minutes. If you can, please fill out the on-line survey right
away! If you cannot right now, please do so during the next week.

This is a completely volunteer activity on your part, I am asking you
to do it for the good of management science! The data collected is
anonymous, I will have no idea who is sending what info unless you
tell me who you are in the comment box.

If you can send this url to some friends and colleagues and ask
them to participate also, that would be great. The bigger sample
size obtained, the more robust the statistical analysis.

Of course, if you’re interested in knowing what we find out, e-mail Dr.Aimon-Smith in about three weeks and she will be able to tell you.


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