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iTunes To Go… July 22, 2005

Posted by Lee Cherry in Uncategorized.

iTunes To Go…
After the demise of my Muvo2 I suddenly found myself with an extra 4GB CompactFlash MicroDrive card from Hitachi… for some reason it will not work with my Dell Axim X5 but I’m working on upgrading to a new bios to see if that will fix the problem.

The Hitachi MicroDrive will work with a CF reader so it makes a great portable device for backing up. However, it’s even better as a dedicated iPod player sans iPod using iTunes. If you happen to work at a company that doesn’t allow you administration rights to install software on your own machine then the ability to kick back with iTunes is not possible, unless you have a nice admin group that is willing to put iTunes on y our machine… you’re more then likely stuck with Windows Media player.

However, it is perfectly acceptable to plug in a USB flash drive to transfer files and that seems to work without a hitch… so, using a CF USB flash drive that is capable of plugging in swappable CF or MircoDrives that have iTunes installed is a bonus. Just do a fresh install/upgrade on your home machine and point the installation to the MicroDrive/CompactFlash. Move/import what music files you want to the MicroDrive and change the path in iTunes on the MicroDrive to the local directory on the MicroDrive and poof instant iPod (without the iPod)… you’ll be able to use iTunes and the iTunes store (if connected to the net) when you plug the MicroDrive/CF USB device into your computer.

To move files over just use the iTunes and target the directory that has your files on the home computer and it will ‘import’ them to the MicroDrive… Any purchased music on the MicroDrive/CF card will need to be moved manually to your system on the home computer.


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