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Disruptive Technology. August 8, 2005

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Disruptive Technology.
In our final presentation for Tony O’Driscoll’s Management of Technology class I proposed a “What If…” scenario that showed what could happen if Pulte Homes were to get into the Energy Business to “compete” with Progress Energy. Pulte Homes is a family home builder that managed to churn out 33,000 homes back in 2003… What if Pulte Homes decided to install and manage a series of solar panel energy/battery banks or fuel cells in every home they built (408,000 so far…) that was connected to the grid, generating energy for the home and selling it back into the network. Apparently it wasn’t that half-baked of an idea since another homebuilder on the west coast decided to throw up a subdivision of 95 “zero-energy homes”. Granted, it’s a far cry from the new supergrid but it’s an interesting move that was considered a fringe idea from the early 70’s.


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