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Lumenlab DIY Projector October 2, 2006

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DIY PlogMy friend Matt (http://mcconnellstudios.com/) and I are building our own projectors… here’s what was put together after a weekend of talking about the pros and cons to building one of these and what the best approaches would be to making one.
Standard 15″ vertical throw DIY projector, a used LCD panel, 3/4″ cabinet grade plywood and parts around the house. Internal template/layout built using Rhino 3d and additional items from Lumenlab, ebay.com, highreflectivemirrors.com, goldmine-elec.com, allelectronics.com and Home Depot/Lowes. Total breakdown: ~$400

LumenLab 2.1 PLOG with a breakdown of how this was made:

More images on flickr…


1. John Cadd - September 14, 2009

Well batter late than never.For any newcomer to making a projector the important thing to realise is the light filament must be as small as possible. I found a very good reliable light source was a 130watt car headlight bulb.
Get the larger type that look like radio valves.They don`t get too hot.But don`t touch one lit .It holds a working temperature with a computer fan attached to the chassis.It does not heat up everything around it like some large lamps people use.I never need any plate glass heat screens.Ventilation is through carbon cooker filters which cuts light leakage down as well.

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