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SkyMirror October 4, 2006

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Sculptor Anish Kapoor’s dazzling Sky Mirror recently arrived at NYC’s Rockefeller Center. The enormous stainless steel disc measures 33 feet across and weighs 23 tons. The mirror will remain at the site for six weeks before moving to another city. Might we, per chance, request to be included as a last minute addition to the list?

Downsides? I am curious where the focal point of this dish ends up cooking. Where are the pigeon ‘spikes’? Who’s going to polish this thing every night…

On another note, not to rehash what still remains a current sore spot in the area… since Raleigh’s City Council completely abandoned the “premiere” Plensa new media, LED lightshow sculpture (btw, have I mentioned that The Crown Fountain rules)… should we look into something a bit easier to manage over the longterm… utilizing a simplified scale… that is less permanent – dedicated public artspace with art on rotation from other cities and museums.


1. Zoe Everard - September 29, 2007

i love this sculpture sooo much, it really gets you thinking about life. My thoughts were how can I make my mark in history? Anish Kapoor did with this magnificent sculpture!!!

Zoe Everard

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