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Animation/New Media Lecture November 4, 2006

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We are at a state of media convergence.

It is the best of times and the worst of time… There are great opportunities for exchange and interdisciplinary design + technology. We have Web2.0, mySpace, youTube and podcasts, digital artifacts, savvy consumers, social networks, outlets for global creativity, community policing of content. The content is just as diverse, where everyone gets their 15 minutes+ of fame. Some prophetic, some memorable, some utterly tasteless and so it truly is a mad mad mad mad world… Henry Jenkins, Director Comparative Media Studies Program at MIT, states sums it up appropriately :

We are living in an age when changes in communications, storytelling and information technologies are reshaping almost every aspect of contemporary life — including how we create, consume, learn, and interact with each other. A whole range of new technologies enable consumers to archive, annotate, appropriate, and recirculate media content and in the process, these technologies have altered the ways that consumers interact with core institutions of government, education, and commerce.

Animation/New Media Lecture:

  • Designing for the Mobile Experience [
  • Animation Production and Animation Distribution, New channels of distribution [ Read more… ]
  • Animation and the Art of Machinima [ Read more… ]

Thanks again for all of you that had a chance to attend the lecture hosted at Design Expo Raleigh 2006. A kudos and a pat on the back for the lecture panel:


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