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Lecture | Strategies for Animation Distribution & Production November 6, 2006

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US Animation & SalesDavid Franks opened up his lecture with a series of traditional animations for clients and discussed the pros and cons. It boils down to high quality and high cost and lots of time. But showed the light at the end of the tunnel by giving layered examples of the new production techniques and use of the Adobe Flash.

Key Strategies for Channel Distribution:

  1. Feature Release
  2. Pay per view
  3. Cable
  4. Free Broadcast TV
  5. Rental Market
  6. Direct to Video Sales
  7. Licensing (can also begin after entering any market and distribution channel)

Mister CooAn interesting thing to note, is if you decide to enter the channel distribution for your animation production at the lower tiers (4-7) you can’t move up the chain – why buy the cow when you get the milk for free. Although this example hasn’t neccessarily been the case for a few exceptions, most notable: Veggie Tales… which happened to start out as direct to video and then completely took the market by storm. It moved up and down the channel distribution without any problemsat all and still manages to maintain a good presents on the internet.

Some great examples were shown of the production process. Fairly daunting but impressive work churned out considering they’re moving between headquarters here in Raleigh in conjunction with production firms in South America and Korea. Basic rough outlines with keyframes for the artists/animators to build the in-betweens, moving to traditional shot-by-shot storyboard previz work and followed up with animatics.

What is truly amazing is the quality of work vs time to market for some of these animations. Coconut FredWe’re talking what used to take traditional keyframe animation using Adobe After Effects or traditional animation techniques getting squeezed by 1/3 and created with only Adobe Flash – without any loss in quality. As well as the ability to render final output to High Definition broadcast quality work or internet web streaming samples depending on the clients platform/need. Best examples shown were animations done for Coconut Fred and Nick Jr. animation promos – All done completely in Flash, with richly, detailed work that rivaled 3D software and high end animation renderers.

David FranksDavid Franks – www.usanimationsales.com
David Franks is the president and cofounder of U.S. Animation Sales located in Raleigh, NC. The company is two years old, and offers animation production services, distribution and funding for animated properties; with offices in Korea, Malaysia, Spain, India and the US. We have worked on projects for Nick Jr., Disney, PBS and more. Past employment includes Art Director at Midway Games, Art Director at Magnet Intereactive Studis, Art Director at Random Games, Lead Artist at Jaleco and VR1, and Animation Director for a Marvel property, “Daredevil”. David has worked on many high profile licensed properties such as, “Gladiator”, “Highlander” and “Daredevil”. David was a cofounder of an animation studio in Raleigh NC in the 1980’s called CyberKids. He also created the pirate mascot for East Carolina University.


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2. onebitpixel - June 26, 2007

New Motion Capture Software:


REALVIZ Movimento offers the unique capability to capture the motion of any non-rigid objects (humans, animals) in post-production, from synchronized image sequences with a total flexibility:
– From 2 cameras to as many as needed.
– Cameras can be fixed or moving.
– Cameras can be of different frame rate and different definitions.
– No need for a motion capture studio.

Movimento expands the boundaries of the traditional motion capture studio by offering the ability of taking the motion capture process beyond the studio to where the action is. Movimento can be used with a wide range of video cameras for on-set, full body and facial motion capture. RealViz presents an affordable and flexible solution for professional motion capture.

The computed data are:

– Tracked 3D points.
– Camera data.
– Export files: .fbx, .trc, 3ds Max®, Maya®, XSI®.

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