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On the Coattails of The Decemberists December 15, 2006

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Recently, over at MTVU, The Decemberists featured a contest for fans and designers to create a music video using footage from a videoshoot of “O Valencia!”. It’s a simple green screen test footage of production video… you key it out and supply the rest. It would actually makes a great sample to try your hand at keying out video.

Incubus 'Nades.Well it looks like another band has decided to try their luck with the “collective intelligence” of their fan base to provide something creative for them in order to promote their new video. Incubus is asking fans to help create a new video for “Dig.” The band has performance footage already shot on a green screen and wants you to do the rest. In addition to having their version of the “Dig” video be the official one chosen and sent to video outlets worldwide, the winner also receives a Mac Power Book Pro and the Final Cut Studio program.

Hopefully this isn’t a trend in the industry or a whole lot of advertising firms and production studios will be out of some sweet music video opportunities.

Looks like Incubus is going a step further and offering up multiple angles and cutscenes from the videoshoot. Guess I’ll have to fire up Garry’s Mod 10 and see if I can crank out some Incubus Machinima.

Even if you’re not a fan… it sounds like a great opportunity to mix your style up some. Good luck!



1. Chris - December 16, 2006

It’s times like this I wish I knew After Effects or Final Cut! Very cool. Colbert changes the world again.

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