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Film Your Issue March 12, 2007

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FYI 07FYI/Film Your Issue is an unprecedented, ambitious outreach to young Americans to engage them in the public dialogue about pressing issues of importance, locally or nationally. FYI/Film Your Issue wants to know what young people think, they want to empower the next generation of leaders to understand how their single voices can influence the public debate, and — as hoakey as it sounds — to understand the power of democracy — where every voice counts.

Show everyone your issue – any issue. Make it personal, real. What matters to YOU. Not a boring (if well-intentioned) Public Service Announcement that tells us politely to vote or stop smoking or eat healthy. Make it real, dynamic, personal, from YOUR perspective. Make it strong, noisy, stone-silent, interesting, personal, rude, if necessary, funny, tragic, intimate, first person. Speak in your own voice. Your issue, your cause, your personal indignation, can be down the street or across the globe.

Choose an issue

Choose any issue that matters to you. Explore the Any Issues page for suggestions. This year, they’ve partnered with leading organizations to create special awards in the following categories: Global Issues (United Nations), Animal Welfare (The Humane Society of the United States), and The Planet. Or choose your own issue.

Make your film
Make a 30-to-60 second film about your issue. Make sure to read the Official Rules to ensure your film fits rules and guidelines.

Register as a filmmaker here on the FYI website.


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