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Forget the film… Watch the Titles. March 23, 2007

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This could be a fantastic resource if the industry will let it happen… The Submarine Channel, a web based launching point for independent film and multimedia producers, has started a new feature called Forget the film, watch the titles.

This is the start of an ongoing collection of animated film titles, featuring examples of both opening and closing film credits divided into sub-genres like Animation (meaning animated characters), Motion Graphics (animated graphic design), 3-D (animated 3-D computer graphics) and Mixed (title sequences that use multimedia or mix the previous techniques). The project is just in its infancy, and the collection is small (maybe 20 or so in all at the moment).

Watch the titles.It is interesting to see the diversity of animation/film techniques used in title sequences ranging from Fight Club 3D/video dissection and complex action montage to Lemony Snicket/Nannny McPhee papercut/flash/aftereffects styles (two of my favorites)…

The quality of Flash video on Forget the Film is far better then the muddy captures coming out of YouTube… This sort of compilation usually exists only on the purchased DVD or in collections like the stuff Stash DVD puts out. Either way it can get costly and doesn’t work well if you’re not interested in the movie itself.

I hope Forget the film, watch the titles will be able to take off with this pseudo blog/museum/marketing endeavor and make access more available to people. I am glad they are approaching the industry accordingly. If executed appropriately, I can see the industry embracing this format for alternative distribution, extending the business, and marketing potential behind this. Definitely a different spin on promoting a movie/film then the traditional movie trailer glut currently found on the web. And we know how misleading movie trailers can be…

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