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“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

The Advanced Media Lab at NC State University College of Design is a multimedia facility housing the latest in digital hardware and software. The lab is maintained by Lee Cherry and Pat FitzGerald. The facility is used to support innovative, collaborative research projects between the design disciplines as well as the Graduate students and researchers in the Master of Art+Design program.

The lab has a wide range of animation and interactive software including Maya, Mud Box, Motion Builder, Shake, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Flash as well as specialized 3D Match Moving and visual effects software such as TrapCode, PFTrack and Maxwell Render. The lab houses multiple suites of Apple G5s with pressure sensitive Wacom/Cintiq tablets. Students have access to high-end, HD digital video cameras and audio recording equipment, digital blue screen room and projection rooms. Current upgrades and developments include a recording studio and infrared camera tracking systems.

Sponsored studio projects and collaborative research teams focus their area of studies in the following concentrations:

Interaction Design & Information Design
A new design discipline centered around innovative technologies, services and systems with an emphasis on user experience, form and function. Interaction between people through hybrid/mobile technology with an emphasis on the organization and presentation of data transferred into valuable, meaningful information.

Exhibit Designs & Interactive Architectures
Art and museum installations, location-based sound and visual narrative, navigation systems, physical interface design that enhance the experience based on the behavior of the user and their surrounding environment.

Animation & Digital Entertainment
Great story-creating and telling, is at once both an ancient art coupled with new technology. The telling of stories and the creation of experiences has affected by Medium, but current digital design and animation offer capabilities and opportunities not yet addressed in the history of interaction and performance.

Mechatronics & Electronic Art
A crossroads between art, technology and society through the synergistic combination of precision engineering, electronic control, sensory inputs, information design and intelligent systems. These systems can provide users a clearer comprehension of information and a means of distributing knowledge through haptic and sensory feedback.

Computer Gaming & Serious Games
Commercial game and simulation developers, practices, and technology can be utilized by a wider field of organizations that build and apply models within training and simulations balancing adaptive learning with and natural learning environments.


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