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Feng-GUI (Beta) July 31, 2008

Posted by Lee Cherry in 1.
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A low-level heatmap used to visualize how a “person” might view the website and the process/order in which the visual information attracts the user…  simulated using some convincing AI but pretty interesting information and toolkit to work with…

Feng-GUI empower designers and advertisers to effectively analyze Attention and Attraction in visuals. Find out how people see your website, photo or ad and which areas are getting most of the attention.  This artificial intelligence service simulates human vision and its exposure to visual.

Attached is the visual eye-maps this system had of some of our current websites, in this case our newly redesigned NCSU portal website…

The final image heat map is probably open to debate on what is discernible data vs visual clutter vs hotspots in an area. However, this offers another way of visualizing the importance of the page and the way information is organized. It’s interesting to note that this tech can be applied to any visual data… while it could work with a movie, i.e. frame by frame dynamically it would be interesting to see how that could really influence a film’s visual ppeal – besides finessing the story/plot of course…