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Mechatronic Symphony August 21, 2007

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Mechatronic Symphony

Mechatronic Symphony
September 7 through September 29, 2007

NC State University College of Design’s Art+Design Professor, Dana Raymond, and artist/developer Robert Bailis will be featured in a public exhibition at Lump Gallery/Projects from September 7 through September 29.

Opening reception:
First Friday, September 7 , 7pm – 11pm

Gallery Hours are Saturday 12noon to 5pm or by appointment at (919) 821-9999.Lump Gallery/Projects is at:


505 S. Blount Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Update 9/12/07: Footage from the event. Via New Raleigh:


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The Resource Center for Sensitive Art, sensitive here refers to your senses and to interactive sensors as in light sensor. It’s a project realised by Jean-Noel Montagne who wanted to build a place where one can learn and understand the role of sensors, real-time and interactivity in media art. Jean Noel is giving us the resources to achieve this goal thanks to the help of “Mains d’Oeuvres” who is hosting the project.

Say you want to make an new media art installation that works in real time or a piece of interactive dance and you want to know which kind of sensors are right for you and how you can use the output signal to achieve what you need. You can just go there and try the many sensors found on the walls, find one you like and then choose how its signal will be treated and finally test it on a particular action (light, video, mechanical actions, spatial sound…) and you can switch the sensors, signal treatments and actions as much as you want until you get the desired effect.

[ Via Public-access.org ]

Extreme Redesign: The Ultimate 3D Printing Challenge October 3, 2006

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Extreme Redesign Ever wish that your dog leash had a light installed in the handle to make walks at night safer? Student winners from last year’s contest were awarded $2,500 scholarships for redesigns like this… and your redesign could be this year’s winner!

Dimension, the world’s leading provider of desktop 3D printers, is once again calling on high school and college CAD/design/engineering students worldwide to send us their best, innovative and creative redesigns for the 2006 Extreme Redesign Challenge.

Winners will receive a $2,500 scholarship and travel to the National Design Engineering Show in Chicago for and awards ceremony.

Submissions will be accepted from June 13th through December 31st, 2006.

For complete contest rules, click here.

To enter the contest and submit your stl file – click here.

Lumenlab DIY Projector October 2, 2006

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DIY PlogMy friend Matt (http://mcconnellstudios.com/) and I are building our own projectors… here’s what was put together after a weekend of talking about the pros and cons to building one of these and what the best approaches would be to making one.
Standard 15″ vertical throw DIY projector, a used LCD panel, 3/4″ cabinet grade plywood and parts around the house. Internal template/layout built using Rhino 3d and additional items from Lumenlab, ebay.com, highreflectivemirrors.com, goldmine-elec.com, allelectronics.com and Home Depot/Lowes. Total breakdown: ~$400

LumenLab 2.1 PLOG with a breakdown of how this was made:

More images on flickr…

Multipoint Touchscreens and Displays September 27, 2006

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The big software and hardware tech divisions are really looking into the ability to manipulate multiple points of information on a single screen. Some of these links are rehashed items collected from the web in the last two months. Really doubt they'll come out with anything by end of year that is open or SDK use. Little by little with what little resources one has.

There are several different approaches coming out of Sony, Philips, Microsoft and Apple. Even NYU has a few tricks with a different approach using FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection). Chris O'Shea is trying to make it open source. MakingThings has a video tracker but not nearly as accurate as one would hope. Flash 8 and Processing will handle it on some level of detail... David Harnett, Microsoft's senior director of IP ventures, talks about how their technology works and what practical uses it will have at c|net.

Here’s a YouTube feed:

College of Design Information Technology Workshops, Fall 2006 September 15, 2006

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The College of Design Information Technology Department is pleased to announce its schedule of workshops for the Fall 2006 Semester. Workshops are currently only available to College of Design students, staff, or faculty.

Workshop being offered include:

  • Introduction to Computing at the College of Design
  • Printing 101
  • Introduction to Scanning
  • Introduction to Digital Photography
  • Introduction to Page Layout Using Adobe InDesign
  • Introduction to Sensor Technology and Flash
  • Introduction to Studio Photography
  • Introduction to 3D Printing

A list of dates, brief workshop descriptions, and registration links is available at:
(Make sure you get the entire URL. It may wrap to a second line.)

Please register for the particular workshop you would like to attend so wecan prepare enough materials for each workshop. Register from the web page linked above.

Certification sessions for using the College Lasercutters are also available. You must be certified before you may use the lasercutters.

To sign up for a Lasercutter certification session, go to http://www.design.ncsu.edu/lasercutter/ You will need to download the Design Laser System Software and create an account to register for a Lasercutter certification session.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for other workshops you would like to see us offer.
The College of Design Information Technology Staff

MakingThings – Teleos February 2, 2006

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Project Teleos.
In an effort to lay down some “foundation modules” for the upcoming studio projects for the Contemporary Art Museum I’ve been working launched back into life as a programmer. We’re going to be developing projects for interactive design with regards to museum exhibits and experimental artworks, it’s going to be a challenge – considering we don’t really know what is going to be created until we get together and go over the basic theme and structure.

Let’s call it the really out-of-focus, fuzzy front end.

In the meantime, I’ve been stripping old DVD players, outdated computers and electronic gadgets for parts to be combined with MakingThings modules. So far, the documentation is pretty decent. We’re approaching it from Flash MX perspective; however, I’ve heard the response time for Flash MX isn’t too good for this sort of thing – we’ll have to see, truly depends on how complicated each project is. Basically it’s a simple way to get electronic inputs and outputs to talk to one another and to interact with Flash objects (movieclips, images, sounds, et.al.). So right now, I have a foundation module for digital inputs and digital outputs created as well as one for all the analog inputs and PWM outputs. I imagine it’s enough for anyone without Flash Actionscript knowledge to jump right in and gain access to all the ports neccessary to make an interesting interactive project. More to follow…

Get something started here:

Hellraiser meets Terminator. April 29, 2005

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Hellraiser meets Terminator.
It’s just a little freaky.

The WEEE Man is made from the amount of waste electrical and electronic products that an average UK citizen � YOU � will throw away in YOUR lifetime, if YOU carry on disposing of products at the current rate. Currently most of these products go straight into landfill. From January 2006 manufactures & retailers will be responsible for recycling this waste under new EU legislation called the WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) Directive. http://www.weeeman.org/

Heavy Metal, Metal: Scale & Sculpture April 27, 2005

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DesignBoxSome ‘old-school’ friends of mine from the College of Design @ NC State are putting on a show – Matt McConnell, Ben Galata, Gretchen McLaren. You can check out the opening event on May 6, 2005: 6pm – 10pm at the DesignBox, 315 South Bloodworth, Raleigh, NC.

The exhibit is available for viewing from 10am to 6pm weekdays May 6-May 31, 2005. More information head over here: http://www.designbox.us/.

McConnell Studios
Galata Designs