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87011153 January 6, 2003

Posted by Lee Cherry in Uncategorized.

happy new year!

i was going through some photos while putting my mother’s christmas present together and found some really old negatives with no corresponding pictures (110 film?) I really couldn’t tell what they were from my loop so I figured what the hell and got them developed.

turns out they are from a Christmas gathering from my dad’s side of the family – Williamston, North Carolina…
Click For a quick look at XMas past…
my family are not in it so i’m not really sure how i managed to get a hold of these negatives… i guess it’s been handed down to me somewhere along the way.

i have family overseas in taiwan (mother) and here in the us (father) so it seems to me that it would be a bit of a challenge to keep track of things. this leads me to wonder who in a family decides the person in charge of being the family historian. is it a task someone just decides to pick up out of nostalgia or does the family say “hey, you are the most responsible here have at it.” LOL

some family members are more open others aren’t so sharing… i take what i can get from either side of the family.


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