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107574274481813399 February 2, 2004

Posted by Lee Cherry in Uncategorized.

I was a TV Series Junky… With the extended weekend we managed to crunch in some “archived” TV … nothing like kicking your feet up, taking in an overdose of TV and watching an entire season of a favorite show in one sitting… binge, purge, binge purge… which brings me to comment on the amazing ‘shock and awe’ one lapses into when perusing the massive collected series of shows now appearing on DVD as sets/collections. You name it, it’s either out on the shelf now or waiting for final mastering – ooh, boy, can’t wait for that 80’s collection of Guiding Light to hit ebay!

It is not at all surprising that the DVD medium has allowed networks to distribute entire television series. It’s in an incredible format that is easier to produce, develop and distribute/sell to consumers (junkies). Interesting thing I read about the process of getting these shows to the masses… the biggest roadblock in building these sets is the license/rights to the music that is used during the show. Loophole – Some distributors/directors go so far as to delete out the referenced music and dub something similar in place in order to get the set out the door and in the hands of devoted fans.

Then of course there is this “new” trend of, cough-cough, wink-wink, underground distribution – bittorrent, p2p, etal. No more waiting by mail for brown paper bags filled with piles of VHS tapes containing dubbed, redubbed, edited collections of second, third, fourth generation copies of old shows (wow, Automan! MacGuyver!)…

It will be interesting to see how big this phenom will get in the next few years. Have to truly wonder if the next generation of kids will be interested in what this generation watched as children growing up. Maybe they’ll get a glimpse to why we’re so messed up as adults (Beavis And Butthead Rulez!) – LOL.


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