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Vinyl Lives! June 25, 2004

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You spin me right round, baby… Right round like a record, baby… Right round round round…

Ok, I’m showing my age… not to mention my bad taste in music – LOL.

I’ve been working directly with the owner of a vinyl specialty store on his new eCommerce site (think vinyl records, please get your minds out of the gutter). This online store, owned and operated by Preston Peek out of Wake Forest, is a LPs collector’s dream come true. From my understanding, he managed to scoop up David Letterman’s collection a while back and has been hoarding some of the best LPs in the vault down in the basement of his house…

He approached me a while back looking for something fresh and new for his site… so, we started from scratch and I redesigned it from the ground up with new navigation, a sleaker design and spiffy graphics. It’s built with a YourVirtualStore backbone and some custom ASP code I put together… this looks to be a promising site for those still waxing nostalgic for the golden era of the records.

For a sneak “peek” (no pun intended) click here for the before and after shots of the website. It should launch in the next few days after some last minute testing and database cleanup… wish us luck.


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